"The reality game in which you can buy or sell the real world buildings"

Who will be the new mayor of Lyon ?

Metropolis a mobile reality game in which players explore the city, can buy and sell real world buildings thanks to their smartphone. The founders Ben, Lucas and Roland decided to mix virtual and real worlds with this game, and then turning the city of Lyon in a giant board game. After their studies, the founders settled in Lyon and naturally chose this city to be the starting point for Metropolis. The cultural richness of the city and the affection inhabitants have for their cultural legacy are major assets, explaining the current enthusiasm. Indeed, no less than 1400 Lyon inhabitants already subscribed to be part of the game beta-test.

In the tradition of mobile reality games such as Pokemon Go, Metropolis game is based on geolocalisation. However, the Metropolis team intends to go even further by putting the real world at the core of the game mechanisms. Players will have to explore and rediscover their city to be able to progress in the game.

Metropolis is currently testing the implementation of an Augmented Reality system, in partnership with Epitech School. Augmented Reality will eventually become a key element of the game: customizing buildings, adding quirky objects all around the city and many more. In order to develop the game application as fast as possible, the Metropolis team decided to launch the beta-test only on Android. However, the final version will be available on both iOS and Android. Players will only need their smartphones to take over their city.

By collaborating on this project, Boot-Start provided its expertise in Data Science for data processing coming for Open Street Map. The main challenge was to turn these gross data representing 9000 buildings into a workable database of 2500 buildings for the game. Boot-Start also realized some of the backend of the beta-test of Metropolis.