“The right contact and the right time”

A B2B service for the food industry industrials and professionals

Tool4Food is a B2B linking platform located mainly in France and Europe, designed to help food industry professionals to reach their objectives despite the uncertainties inherent to the market. To do so, the platform offers to exchange production or logistics capacities, know-hows or ingredients in between companies. In an era where food production is a main concern due to a constantly growing demography, Tool4Food’s mission is to help industries improving their performances and to facilitate their innovations without tangible investment and while limiting risks. The company distinguishes itself in so far as it offers a personalized contact research service according to the buyer or seller needs, as well as support and contractualization services

The main advantage of this research is that it can be carried out anytime during your production process and across the entire value chain. To achieve this food industry collaboration project, Tool4Food hired Boot-Start for us to develop the whole online exchange platform. The platform functions as a referencing of announcements, to which the professionals can answer. Would it be for the buyers or sellers, subscription to the platform is compulsory. Once the subscription made, it is possible to put an announcement online to offer or ask for an exchange of industrial services. One needs to precise the announcements’ title and description, its category as well as the service offered or asked for. Consequently, the development of this platform requires a system of management and validation of the announcements by admins, a communication system for the professionals to exchange, as well as a database management system.